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Understanding your Anxious Family Dog.

Help your dog through their anxiety struggles, with fun, kindness and compassion. 10 week course. Starts 1st August!

Course Summary

Have you got an anxious family dog?
Is it impacting on their life? Or yours?
It makes us feel so sad when our dogs are unable to understand that the world is not so scary, and that we just want to help.
When your dog is just a shadow of who you know they can be, cowering, being "jumpy" and looking so worried all the time.
Often seeming to be ill, just like with humans, stress and anxiety causes health issues.
Often refusing food, or being unable to take treats.
When you just want to be able to do nice things with them, go fun places and do fun things - but it is never a nice experience going anywhere or seeing anyone for either of you.
When the world sees your dog as a growly, barking mess - but you know they are so much more than that, you just need to know how to help them.
The world doesn't see the funny, waggy, cuddly, loving dog they can be when they are finally relaxed and you find that heartbreaking.
It is frustrating, embarrassing, and disheartening, and affecting your relationship with your dog.
Learn to understand your dog's anxiety, body language, and how to build them up from the inside, using Fun Not Fear® methods to be a more confident and happy dog, so that you can have that joy filled family dog you know is in there.
Live interactive lessons, plus resources, videos, pdfs and all you need to help your dog reach their full potential and live a happy life.
Starting August 1st 2021. 10 week course.
Enrol now to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited.

Freya Locke ISCP.Adv.Canine.Prac., PDT, MCMA

Highly qualified, friendly and kind dog trainer and behaviourist, with a special interest in helping at both ends of the lead.

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