Hands Off!! It's Mine! Digital Class

Understand your dog's resource guarding issues and learn how to overcome their struggle.

Does your dog turn into a demon when he has food, or a toy, or a particular spot where he would prefer to lay down?
Does he growl or make you feel scared he might bite you?
Are children not safe to be near him when he has certain items?
Find out why he does it and what to do about it, with our digital class.

Freya Locke ISCP.Adv.Canine.Prac., PDT, MCMA

Highly qualified, friendly and kind dog trainer and behaviourist, with a special interest in helping at both ends of the lead.

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  • Hands Off, It's Mine
  • £14.99

    Understand your Dog's Resource Guarding

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  • Understand what a resource is
  • Understand WHY your dog guards things
  • Keep your family safe
  • Make your dog feel less anxious
  • Reward based methods
  • Solve the struggle