Fun Not Fear® Foundation Live Class

Basic training for your puppy, rescue or newly homed dog. 6 weeks of learning from the comfort of your own home! Starting 9th May 2021 at 7pm.

Foundation training for you and your new dog!

Do you have a new puppy?
Have you rescued or rehomed an adult dog that needs training?
Need toilet training help?
Need to teach your dog good manners?
Puppy biting?
Teach confidence, life skills, games and cues to your new friend with Fun Not Fear®, to help ensure a great and successful life together.
Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages.

Freya Locke ISCP.Adv.Canine.Prac., PDT, MCMA

Highly qualified, friendly and kind dog trainer and behaviourist, with a special interest in helping at both ends of the lead.

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"We began this course with Freya, online, and were nervous about how it would translate virtually.
We both attended but Buddy is Holly's dog, and she has mental health challenges of her own. Buddy has reacted to "mum's" anxiety and has formed his own fears and anxieties as a consequence.
Holly is non-verbal with people - but her communication with Buddy is a series of signs, signals and word cues.
Freya was not phased in the least. She happily communicated to Holly whilst totally accepting that I would be doing the talking.
When her praise, game and reward-based training had almost instant reactions and results, Holly quickly gained more confidence. I also had turns at doing exercises and games with Buddy, and the techniques worked.
Buddy loves the loose leash walking games, and the "aeroplane game" is working well at keeping him calm.
Freya was so patient and so aware of Holly's challenges and Buddy's issues, she totally made their life better.
Holly and Buddy are still practicing and Buddy's reactions are still great!
Thank you Freya"
~ Dianne, Holly & Buddy Searle.